Mozilla Festival is a 7-day event that gathers a global community of artists, educators, radical innovators to connect, collaborate and build trustworthy AI, open platforms and to keep the internet open, free, and healthy.

In 2019 we partnered with Kingston School of Art asking students to
imagine a future of us all and to outline the threats we face, and what are the solutions we can build to secure and advance our personal and professional lives online.


Students from Kingston University provided an artistic display and interactive piece in the Privacy and Security space at the festival. The visual appeal of the piece set the tone for the narrative of the space, which was focused on the duality of opportunity and threat in our digital world. Visitors to the Privacy and Security space provided reactions to the scenarios set forth by the project and as the weekend progressed, and participants contributed to the interactive piece, it grew into a living testimonial of the varied feelings we have about our online lives.