Students from Kingston School of Art have been working with the Bentall Centre and Blackline Creative to engage with the public through creating events in previously vacant shopping units across the Bentall Centre in Kingston

In April – May  and  October to December 2019 Kingston School of Art had residencies in vacant stores with activations including a 24-hour GameJam, 10 Minute Portraits-while-you-wait, storytelling and LetterPress workshops, communal painting, performance art, life drawing, collage and one-hour choir and dance workshops

The students pitched their ideas to Bentalls Centre and Blackline Creative 

“As a Design Marketing student at Kingston School of Art, working with The Bentall Centre and Blackline on the BCXhibition was an eye-opening experience for me. The PR & Marketing internship gave me a real insight into what working in the business is like”

— Frida Skoglie,

BA Design Marketing student

“We wanted to provoke, surprise, delight, engage and immerse consumers in art and experiences that they wouldn’t normally have access to or happen upon in their daily travails. We challenged KSA to challenge the status quo and challenge it they did. They curated a showcase of talented performances and art installations, which struck a chord with all visitors. ”

— Andy Bailey,

Blackline Creative

What we accomplished...

“The outcome was truly astounding, merging innovation, creativity and expertise, taking a unique approach to engaging shoppers and providing them truly memorable experiences. This new and dynamic concept puts student’s talents centre stage for all to enjoy. What a fantastic partnership and this is just the start”

— Sam Eastwood,

The Bentall Centre