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London for Fashion
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D&AD Yellow Pencil Winner 2017
D&AD Black Pencil Winner 2017

Best animation: Royal Television Society Award 2019


Best animation: Royal Television Society Award 2019


Entrepreneurship Awards 2018

Anne Tyrrell Student Design Award 2019

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Jonathan is an experienced academic with a specialism in creative management. He is currently Head of Department of Creative & Cultural Industries at Kingston School of Art. He has published extensively on the creative industries particularly on fashion and music industries. His latest book Strategic Analysis: A Creative and Cultural Industries perspective, looks at how strategic thinking needs to adapt to the specific challenges faced by managers of creative firms.

Russell is designer and artist with a background in digital. He worked for News International before joining BBC Radio 1 as their lead designer. He set up his own studio and worked on projects for BBC, C4, Sony Music, ITV and MTV. Something about exhibitions. His current side hustle is creative director of No Heroes - a social action brewery.

Claire has over 20 years experience as a business developer and client account manager in the creative industries. She has spent over ten years in education specialising in commercial partnerships. Her career has taken her from a small London print shop, to the world's largest image supplier Getty Images and on to D&AD and beyond. Previous clients include Samsung, Modzilla, Marks & Spencer, Barclays, Lee/Wrangler, Coop and Arup. She does mudlarking, improv comedy and cheese in her spare time.

Josephine is a second year student studying Art Direction at Kingston School of Art, specialising in 3D and digital design. She has helped to start and grow the agency through UX,UI as well as the website with Niall. She aspires to become an Art director in the digital sector, and is exploring the possibilities of incorporating AR, VR and AI to change experiences.

Niall Hodgson

Niall is a second year student of the Creative and Cultural Industries: Design Marketing. He specialises in brand design, consultancy and marketing strategies. Niall worked with Josephine to help develop and grow opportunities to other students through studio kt1

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